Happy Weekend

by Sofia   -   in Random

I wanted to just stop by and wish you a wonderful weekend. Do you have any fun plans? I’ll be spending a bit of time working but mostly concentrating on hanging out with my near and dear ones. A country house escape is in the books for us.

This week somehow flew by faster than I can think. I don’t know why I feel like I didn’t achieve much but when I look back I started a few new projects that will perhaps make sense in a longer run. But not every week needs to be full of fun and games and achievements I guess. I did however watch the new season of Bridgerton and even though it’s partly bad acting and very “kitch” I love it. It’s just silly enough to be fun and to take your mind of anything worrisome. It’s like a prettified harlequin novel of sorts and I “buy it” for my down time for sure. Did you watch it? And more importantly, did you like it?

I have been compiling a bit longer and information filled blog post for you but it’s not quite ready yet. I will share as soon as I’m finished.

So I wish you a happy weekend!


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2 comments on “ Happy Weekend „
Laura, on April 1, 2022

Itselläni on uudesta kaudesta pari jaksoa katsomatta. Olen tykännyt tähän asti. Kuten kirjoititkin, sarja on kevyttä viihdettä ja kannattaa suhtautua siihen niin. Itse nautin ihanista väreistä puvuissa ja koruissa. Niin piristävää. Välillä tekee mieli pysäyttää kuva ja vaan katsoa jotain ihanaa värikimaraa. Sarjasta voi nauttia, kuin kauniista kukkakimpusta 😊

Rentouttavaa viikonloppua!

Sofia, on April 8, 2022

No Laura juurikin kaikki ihanat värit, arkkitehtuuri ynnä muut.<3

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