Finland 100 years

by Sofia   -   in Interior design

Today marks the 100th anniversary of Finland´s independence.  Here you can watch the trailer for a recent remake of a movie about the continuation war ( 1941-1944)  based on the classic book ” The Unknown Soldier” by Väinö Linna. If for nothing else, then to see the beautiful scenery of Finland. And I wanted to share some pictures of paintings by Finnish artists with you today. They are obviously not at their best in collages but in real life & size but I would love for you to see our incredible art. 


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The en suite

by Sofia   -   in Interior design

As we had the plumbing renovation we re-did the smaller bathroom attached to our bedroom. It was nice before but we had an idea how to make it even better. Plus we had skimped on the materials on the previous renovation as our budget was blowing over so widely. This time we wanted it to match the rest of the house in it´s materials.

The bathroom is mostly used by my husband ( he also has the walk in closet attached to our bedroom… because the other one is bigger as is the other bathroom). So we wanted the bathroom to have a bit of a masculine edge to it but so that it could just as well be for a lady. We are still looking to add an old fashioned shaving set for him there and to be honest he is not usually keeping flowers in there unless we have guests coming and I put them there.

We decided on the grey colour scheme when we found this tile in the most amazing shade ( with a lot of help from my brother who is our architect and drew the whole thing too). But in my opinion it is the sink, the shower & the little details that truly make the room. Those were all found in one of our favourite sources for home improvement, Domus Classica. They have an amazing collection for anyone doing a renovation or building a house. We also often visit their store for things for the island. They have everything from kitchens to Moroccan style floor tiles, from fire places to radiators and light fixtures & switches to door handles to match the period of your house. The sink, the fixtures, the shower, the hand towel ring & toilet roll holder are all from there.

The white Burlington sink is perfect with the grey tiles and we had the mirror made for the wall with the cut edges. We are exteremely happy with the results! If you want to know about anything in the bathroom in more detail, please ask in the commentary and I will try to find the answer for you.





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Living in the city

by Sofia   -   in Interior design

Yksi kysymys blogiini oli, olenko aina asunut Helsingin keskustassa ja olenko koskaan asunut omakotitalossa. Entä voisinko kuvitella asuvani muualla?

Olen asunut kerrostalossa koko elämäni. Olen syntynyt Katajanokalla, mutta muutimme pian sen jälkeen Tapiolaan ja Pohjois-Tapiolaan jossa olen asunut lähes koko lapsuusikäni. Helsinkiin muutin takaisin heti lukion jälkeen. Olen toki monesti pohtinut kuinka ihanaa olisi olla ” kartanon rouvana”. Minusta olisi toki hienoa jos neliöitä olisi tuplasti enemmän, olisi tilaa ja lääniä levitellä kaikkia ihania sisustusjuttuja.

Puutarhakin olisi haaveissa niin ihana, vaikka en sitä todellisuudessa osaisikaan hoitaa. Rakastan kuitenkin asumista Helsingin keskustassa vanhassa kauniissa talossa. Tämä asumismuoto tuntuu enemmän omalta ja vanhoissa kerrostaloasunnoissa sieluni vaan lepää.

Keskustassa kaikki on käden ulottuvilla ja lähes kaikkialle on kävelymatka tai vähintään raitiovaunulla pääsee. Lenkkimaastotkin ovat kauniit kun rantoja pitkin juoksee tai käy keskuspuistossa lenkillä.



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