Gravy bowl

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Hello my favourite readers! I hope you have been well! All though the end of summer holidays is always slightly bitter sweet as I love slow mornings and not rushing the girls to two different hobbies at the same time and I love spending time with my family I also love the rhythm of our daily life in the city. When weekends feel like weekends and laundry does not pile sky high every time we come home from the island or other travels. Now is my time to concentrate on finally putting the final touches to the new home. It feels like we have not settled in one hundred percent as during the summer months the island is more like the home base where we go every time we have a spare moment and the city home is just a turning spot. But now we have moved back to the city and I feel like we are slowly settling in here. This week the school and hobbies start for good. I still have a week left of my summer holiday ( which is a good thing as my shoulder has not taken well my return to work and is worryingly aching and uncooperative). I´m so glad to have this time off even though it is not spent on ” summer travels” as I love being able to see my kids off to school with a proper breakfast and to be able to be home to welcome them from school. And not to mention the time I have during the day to five and faff around the house.




Some rugs have arrived and we finally decided on the rest of the curtains for the house. Next week we will still be choosing some fabrics and curtain rods but the styles have finally been decided on. Rugs and curtains are not my favourite parts of decorating. I find myself always just wanting them to sort of be something special but then again not overwhelming. I think it would be easier to love either a bit over the top or just very simple. Now I just sort of limbo somewhere in between. But I think I made the right choices. I´m actually doing a lovely Roman blind to Bubble Gum´s room that will be white linen but will have a blue grosgrain or velvet ribbon as a “border” on both sides that will the close up as a bow at the hem. I found a lovely “Lanvin” blue ribbon that I think might either look very very good or be a bit too “uniform blue”. The ribbon shop in Finland does not have the best selection of colours or styles. I was looking for a velvet ribbon in a bit darker blue but it´s either navy or then baby blue so if you have a shop in mind that would deliver and have a vast selection of ribbons and shades please let me know. It would be highly appreciated.




Other than choosing new things I have mostly been enjoying laying out my old treasures. Someone visited our home briefly and said to me they ” now understood why it took me so long to unpack because we have so much stuff”. I´m not really one to purge and all the things we have are here for three alternative reasons. It´s something practical we need and use all the time, it´s something that has great sentimental value or it is something that I truly love and adore. Usually the last part goes to the two former. I´m not really a hoarder but I do love beautiful linen and gorgeous dishes. I don´t really collect anything but I do often end up with pretty cake stands and cloches. Lately I have also noticed that my collection of gravy bowls has grown by two new ( antique ) pieces. And I don´t just have my dishes out for display. We do use them too. And when you have all you need to set up a table nicely it´s easy to turn a simple meal in to a pretty affair. And yes you can also do it with a few white porcelain dishes but these items just make me burst with joy. And why not, now I have a whole butler´s pantry to showcase them in. I feel like I might be the luckiest girl in the world.









Here on top of the gravy bowls was a little peek to the pantry where I also set up a little table and chairs. It´s sort of an office for me. I like to have space for myself for blogging and for planning our weekly lists for comings and goings, for shopping and for menu´s.

Hope you have a wonderful start of the week!

Paljon onnea koulutielle sitä aloitteleville ja sinne palaaville pienille ja vähän isommillekin oppilaille! Arki alkaa, mutta muistetaan nauttia siitäkin!




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Wasting away…

by Sofia   -   in Interior design

In the best possible sense. I have said it once and I have said it a thousand times but I don´t think there is a more relaxing place for me than the island. Little chores to do here and there but mostly it´s just calm and quiet. When we are in the city I seem to always set the alarm even when on holiday. Go for a run in the morning or get the day started. I make plans with friends and have errands to run. But here we rarely set the alarm. We just sleep in the total silence until we are no longer tired. An exception is made on Saturday mornings when we head out to the shop boat to top up our groceries and to buy ice-cream cones for the girls. But then again even on those days the alarm rings at 9.30 am so I´m usually up by then anyway. We sleep solid eight hour nights and if for some reason you would end up staying up late or waking during the night you can always take a nap on the island! The best!

So for catching up on sleep the island is the place to be. Instead of a run or gym I usually start my mornings here by doing some sun salutations on the cliffs or now I have actually been enjoying our new terrace as it has just been finished and still has no furniture. I´ve been on a lookout for a table and chairs and my brother in law wanted to have a ” lounge” nook also so for a sofa and chairs and a little ” coffee table”. I must say that in the city my style is usually quite out together and you might even say sort of fancy for a lot of things but here I prefer worn out, a bit shabby chic instead of too nice. It´s an old house with old Alvar Aalto furniture inside. Some rattan, white floors and ceilings, wooden walls. It is definitely more a fisherman´s house than a “lace” villa. So I prefer something understated and natural. I have a thing about polyrattan ( the plastic kind). It just does not resonate with me although I know how easy it is to maintain. I shared a few pictures from some island interior books I have here on Instagram and got messages asking me to share if I found anything nice. So this is what we ( probably) decided upon. 




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by Sofia   -   in Interior design

Kuinkakohan moni teistä alkaa jo olla aivan lopensa kyllästynyt remonttijuttuihin? Meidän muuttomme viivästyy taas viikolla. Meille on tulossa marmoritasoja niin kylppäri-, kuin keittiötiloihinkin ja ne ovat nyt kohta kolmatta viikkoa myöhässä joka on johtanut siihen, että näitä tiloja ei päästä viimeistelemään. Toisin sanoen, emme pääse muuttamaan uuteen kotiin vieläkään. Onneksi kuitenkaan ei todellakaan ole kyse mistään maailmaa mullistavista murheista. Ehdin sillä aikaa purkaa tavaroita tyttöjen huoneissa valmiiksi paikoilleen ja hiljalleen jo muuallakin asunnossa.

Kuten olen jo maininnutkin, tytöt jakavat tulevaisuudessa kylpyhuoneen ja samaan tilaan tulee taitto-ovien taakse myös kodinhoitotilamme. Kylpyhuoneet on laatoitettu noin puoliväliin ja sitä kiertää kaunis lista. Olin kovasti miettinyt mitä oikein haluaisin yläosalle tehdä. Siihen mietittiin sopivaa tapettia vähän “villimmästä” toilesta raikkaaseen raitaan. Lopulta päätimme  kuitenkin maalata yläosan puuterin vaaleanpunaiseksi. Sellaiseksi elegantin hailakaksi. Muutaman kokeilun ja mallipalan jälkeen löysimme sopivan värin. Voin kertoa, että se ei sitten kuitenkaan tilassa näyttänyt lähimainkaan puuteriselta vaan on kyllä ihan kunnon vaaleanpunainen. Väri oli kuitenkin niin kaunis, että päätimme pitää sen. Totesimme, että sen voi aina maalata sitten uudestaan jos tuntuu siltä kun tytöt kasvavat vähän vanhemmiksi. Nyt siis toisessa kylpyhuoneessa on mansikkajäätelön väriset seinät. Löysin niihin kauniisti sopivat pyyhkeet tytöille Proloquesta. Kovin on nyt sitten herkullista, mutta olkoot! Mehän pidämme pinkistä!




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