Happy colourful thoughts

Toivottavasti viikonloppusi oli hauska! Meidän oli ainakin aivan täynnä iloista väriä. Jostain syystä tuntuu, että kaikki oli erityisen värikästä. Valitsin värikkäitä kukkia, tilaamani uudet keittokirjat saapuivat ja nekin olivat täynnä väriä ( ja roimasti inspiraatiota). Ystävämme tyttären nimiäisissä oli kauniin väriset somistukset ja tarjoilut ja itsekin leivoin sinne kirkkaan pastellisia kuppikakkuja. Kävimme myös pyöräilemässä ja äänestämässä, sekä maalailimme vesiväreillä. Tässä vähän näitä harvinaisen värikkäitä onnen aiheita.

Did you have a good weekend? We were bicycling, went to vote for our favourite candidates for the parliament ( election time in Finland) and enjoyed some fun times at our friends baby´s party. I was also getting plenty of inspiration from my new cook books that arrived on Friday. It seems there was so much colour in our lives this weekend from flowers to smoothies to cupcakes made for the little baby girl and her pretty party decor in pinks and yellows, light green and baby blue. It was such a pretty party! Here are my happy colours from the weekend…

All of these books were so inspirational but the Love Bake Nourish was definitely the prettiest. Gorgeous book! I found the Deliciously Ella book the most inspiring though and kept reading it every chance I got.


Kumquats are so pretty. These had quite a thick skin though.





Banana, pear and spinach smoothie with some spirulina, a medjool date and home made almond butter.

These pretty lilies were from the super market. Can you imagine? I bought 3 bouquets in different colours. I think they look very happy in our wine cooler!





Mr Espresso gave me new trainers as a little anniversary present. I had wished for these. I have been running with Ecco Biom trainers for about the last 4 years ( not the same pair obviously) and they are the best I have ever had. I love the grey green and coral colour combo of these. I paired the trainers with a salmon pink cashmere sweater to go voting on Sunday. This one is a bit longer model and I like pairing it with slim pants or leggings. 






The same bright colours were also on the new Elle Food and Wine magazine and the girls happy water colours. I finally bought them some actual aquarelle paper for their water colour art and it makes a huge difference. 





Have a colourful and happy start for your week! 

Värikästä ja iloista viikon alkua!

Lattemamma xxx

p.s. If you are a Netflix person may I recommend the Modern Family- series. They just got the 5th season lately and it´s hilarious like the previous ones too. Such a happy thing to watch!


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