Like a splash of water

I read a wonderful quote on Pinterest the other day.

” Laughter sparkles like a splash of water in sunlight”

I hope to hear plenty of laughter and see plenty of sunlight. We are off to the island and I will take a week off from the blog too. Good news is that after that my camera should be fixed. Fingers crossed!

I will start my mornings by doing some yoga on the cliffs facing the sea and after a cooling swim in the sea. Nothing wakes you up quite like it. I will spend my days focused on the people around me. I will leave my phone inside and wonder in the forest. I will read a book in a hammock if it´s warm enough. I will drink a cold drink on the terrace after the sauna and watch the sea glisten. We will do plenty of barbecuing and sip our sundowners. If it rains I will listen to the rain outside the window. Ask my husband to light the fire and cuddle with him and the girls.


These photos are from our first trip this summer. It was a windy day so we flew the kite. The girls are wearing not so summery- outfits. Fleece undergarments from Joules and their Hunter wellies.



Anyway I hope you have a great weekend and a wonderful start to July.

Ihanaa viikonloppua! Me vietämme seuraavan viikon saaressa ja pidän pienen loman täältä blogistakin. Toivon sinulle mahtavaa heinäkuun alkua!


edit. I was going to post this on Friday morning but my computer had a bit of a hiccough. But good weekend greetings from the island! And I even got my camera back already so now I´m more than excited to take plenty of pictures here.


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