island feeling

Me karkaamme kaupungista saareen viikonlopuksi, taitaa olla ihan viimeisiä kertoja tänä vuonna. Kelien pitäisi olla kohdillaan, mutta saaressa on kyllä syksyisin ihanan tunnelmallista muutenkin.

We are headed to the island for the weekend. I love the feeling of leaving the city lights behind us and taking the boat to the tranquil island. Even in the fall when the nights get darker and sometimes we are covered in rain gear and the wind is howling. We lift the girls up on that dock and carry our groceries inside. We often get there quite late so I start preparing dinner immediately. We light up some candles and the girls help set the table. Maybe we open a bottle of great red wine and my husband lights the fireplace. It´s like this little shift in time happens. You suddenly just move a little slower and breath a little deeper and hug a little longer. It´s heaven.


I hope you have a really good weekend!

Hyvää viikonloppua!




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