Goodbye March

by Sofia   -   in Random

March was a good month! There was the skiing trip and there was Easter. Plenty of exercise and fresh air. But April will be fantastic too I´m sure as I have many good plans for it! But before that let´s take a look back to some photos of March from my phone…

Muutama kuva Marraskuulta puhelimesta ennen kuin siirryn Huhtikuun juttuihin…


Easter was cute and kid friendly in our house this year. We painted eggs, had Easter inspired candy on candy day, read books on our days off. There is also a ” behind the scenes” of my plate from our Easter breakfast and the cute little chic wearing a crown that came from the crackers. Those gorgeous flowers are at my parents house.


Before Easter we had that fun skiing trip. Some snacks for the car ride there and that activity box I wrote about. The girls looking at some sheep after their horse riding. After ski champagne for the mama´s while daddies took the girls swimming. Me with horrible helmet hair when we stopped for a drink in between some slopes . Yummy waffles are my kind of after ski though. The girls cross country skiing and downhill skiing and those delicious berry breakfast smoothies in these photos just for a healthier balance ( wink).


There were also some more ordinary days like ballet and swimming and sugar free blueberry breakfast muffins we baked with Cotton Candy that were not yummy enough to make it to the blog ( but the wrappers were cute!). Cutesy Easter things like these bunny bags my friend gave for the girls and that pastel coloured felt streamer they had hanging in their room for Easter from another friend.

So that was March in a few photos. Not too bad! But boy am I looking forward to April with some excitement!

Have a great week!


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