Happy thoughts

Hello sweet Spring you are my happy thought number one. Isn´t it great to wake up when it´s light outside. I just LOVE it! I feel I have even more positive energy than normally. Spring makes me feel that giddy “new crush”- way.

Here are some other silly things that make me happy…

Stripes! I love stripes so much I don´t really care what they are on. If you put them in your packaging I´m probably your customer. Pastel stripes? Even better…




Cake forms? Yes please! In ceramic? Oh yes please! In pink ceramic? I could not live without one! Seriously, you ask? Oh yes. A must have. Now… which cake to make next? I know! Tell me what you would like and I´ll make a recipe for you! So what do you love in a cake?





My face sometimes feels like it needs a venti espresso just to wake up to this spring feeling as fast as my mind. So I have a few tricks for it. Let´s say orange! The colour wakes you up and the scent is just so refreshing. Vitamin c anyone? These products just wake my face up and brighten my day. When the mood is there but your skin can´t keep up then go ahead and try to add it from a jar. Happy? Yes, thank you very much.





And there would be no happy thoughts if it did not include something cute. “Ooooh” you say when you see a cute little ducky ( well you should say quack quack really) and “oh sweet little thing ” you say when you see a bag of little duckies swimming at you at an airport when it´s kids candy day and all. Cute and sweet in my mind often equals happy. I was built that way. I can´t help it.






Näiden onnen aiheiden myötä toivottelen hyvää alkavaa viikkoa!

Have a fantastic week!


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