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Egg baby by Susan Lazar

Löysin Nykistä uudestaan merkin, jonka olin aivan unohtanut, kun törmäsin heidän liikkeeseensä ihan sattumalta. Merkki on niin kiva ja varmasti myös Skandinaaviseen makuun, että ajattelin jakaa sen kanssanne. En ole ihan varma postittavatko he suoraan nettisivujen kautta Suomeen, mutta liikkeen myyjä sanoi, että se onnistuu varmasti jos heille laittaa sähköpostia.

When Cotton Candy was a baby I found this cute little New York based brand in Helsinki in a store that no longer exists. Then for a few years I forgot all about it until I stumbled upon their Tribeca store on a work trip about a month ago. It´s such an easygoing but pretty brand that I wanted to share. They do have an online shop but I´m not sure if they ship to Finland. But the teller in the boutique said that they sure would if you emailed them. I´m short one UV shirt for the summer and think I will pick this up on my next trip. Last time I bought the sweetest tunics and adorable necklaces for the girl and they match their swimsuits perfectly too. I also loved these dresses & the easy breezy flutter sleeve summer tops! In the shop they also had cute little toys and accessories for kids. A very New York brand if you ask me. A little classic mixed with a little modern, good quality fabrics and not very flashy. Not so childlike but still more than appropriate for kids. They also have great things for boys and especially for babies.







Eikös olekin aika kesäiset ja raikkaat tunikat. Liikkeessä oli tosiaan myös pojille kivoja reippaan simppeleitä vaatteita ja kaikenlaisia pieniä suloisia leluja, koruja ja kenkiäkin. Eli jos olet Nykissä niin suosittlen lämpimästi käymään! Tribecan liike oli osoitteessa;

104 Franklin St.
New York NY 10013
T: 646-780-1915

Liikkeen Instagram on täällä.

Aren´t these pretty for the summer and for beach holidays? Such gorgeous lightweight cotton and lovely colours. The girls absolutely love these!


p.s. I bought them in size 8 so they are still quite big. Now they go as long tunics, next year probably just above the knee and then the summer after still as a shorter tunic with shorts. So these will be worth their cost for sure.


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