Gone to sea

She loved the sea.

She liked the sharp 

salty smell of the air,

and the vastness

of the horizons

bounded only by a vault

of azure sky above.

It made her feel small

but free as well.

– George R. R. Martin-

The Riviera picture is from one of my favourite classic movies, How to catch a thief.

Lähdin loppuviikoksi lomalle. Aion tankata aimo annoksen aurinkoa, meren kimallusta, ystävien naurua ja ihastella palmuja rantakadun varrella. Juoda kylmää roséta merituuli hiuksissani ja nostaa kädet ilmaan ja ajatella, että elämä on ihanaa!

I´ve gone on a boating holiday in the South of France so the rest of my week I will be spending with the wind in my hair, sun on my face and the sea glistening around me listening to my friends laugh and secretly holding hands under the table with my husband. 

I hope the rest of your week will be good!

Hyvää loppuviikkoa!


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