Holiday morning routines

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My summer holiday mornings are not very routine oriented but I like to start my mornings with a few fresh things.

If the water is not freezing cold I like to start my morning with a dip in the sea. It really refreshes you like nothing else! But sometimes when it´s cold and windy and it´s nice and comfy in the house I don´t go. I make it my holiday life´s purpose to only do things that make me feel good.




On the island I have been spritzing my face with this Caudalie Beauty Elixir I keep on my bedside table. It has a lovely fresh scent ( think mint, rosemary, orange blossom & rose) and it feels lovely and refreshing on my face. It makes me feel like I have some kind of fancy beauty routine on the island although my routine consists mostly of brushing my teeth & hair and slathering body lotion on myself ( this one is a current favourite as it´s nourishing, smells great and makes me feel pampered… plus I don´t necessarily need a perfume as it has a strong scent I really like). I don´t sun bathe so I rarely add sunscreen on my body these days unless I know I´m not fully covered or can´t be in the shade.  I use the Lano Lanoline 101 Ointment Multipurpose Superbalm mostly as a lip balm but it´s great on cuticles too or on any dry patches on your skin. It´s a great multipurpose product perfect for your work desk drawer or hand bag but also on the summer house where you want one product to perform as many duties as possible.




If I start a day with a good smoothie I feel like I have already contributed to the well being of my body right off the start ( and the ice-cream I have later will feel like it does just that little less harm to me than it would if I had started my morning with a croissant). I pack mine with green goodness but as I like things to taste good too I make it delicious rather than something I have to force myself to drink. My recipe varies and at home if I have started my morning exercising I add some Reneé Voltaires smoothie boost ( with things like hemp protein),  some maca powder, spirulina or some other superfood powder I have in my cupboard for good measure ( I don´t really know if they work but I like the idea of trying them out anyway!). But my basic recipe consists usually of organic baby spinach, lemon juice, avocado, banana & pear ( or some other soft fruit or berries), some water and sometimes also coconut or almond milk. Then I add things depending on what I feel like or mix & match. If I feel I like something sweeter that day I add some honey or maple or date syrup, if I have fresh berries I add them, I also like to add things like fresh mint or sweet basil or sometimes a bit of vanilla or cardamon. For a richer, creamier smoothie I might add some almond butter. I know a lot of people like kale in their smoothies but my Kitchen Aid blender does a better and more thorough job with the baby spinach ( read= it makes it smooth rather than filled with little hard bits that are unpleasant to swallow). My kids have different favourites like mango, banana, basil & strawberry which I think is just as good for them. A smoothie does´t have to be green to be good for you. And obviously a breakfast doesn´t have to be a smoothie to be good for you but I really like smoothies.




And last but not least a good routine for me is to make the next day´s flavoured water to the fridge to get it well infused and cold for the morning ( I know room temperature water is all the rage but I like cool water…). This is a great combo of strawberry, cucumber, mint & lime. I love all kinds of flavoured waters like basic orange or lemon but cucumber is always a winner for me. What is your favourite combo? The flavoured water thing is an island thing but I think I will start making them at home too. There I usually just add the juice of 1/2 a lemon to a glass of water ( the other half goes to my smoothie… I think I´ve told you I really love lemons).

Do your mornings varies on holiday from the ones at home? My two biggest differences? I don´t have to wake up to an alarm clock and I don´t need to get the kids sorted for nursery or school starting from the night before. But that is all soon over… But then again it´s nice to return to normal routines and the every day hustle and bustle too!


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4 comments on “ Holiday morning routines „
Susanna, on July 29, 2016

Lomalla aamurutiineihin ei kuulu herätyskello tai kiire. Tosin tykkään herätä aikaisin mutta toisaalta, jos nukuttaa niin sitten nukutaan pidempään. Toinen loma-aamuihin kuuluva must on aamukahvi miehen kanssa jossain meidän lähistön ihanista kahviloista. Rauhassa, yleensä ilman lapsia, sillä he eivät ole aamuihmisiä:) ja mieluusti jäävät asuntoomme puuhailemaan omia juttujaan. Kahvin päälle kierros aamutorilla hakemassa päivän vihanneksia/hedelmiä tai pieni kahdenkeskinen aamukävely meren rannalla tai seudun pittoreskeilla kujilla, joista tuntuu aina löytyvän uusia polkuja. Vaikka ei sinänsä mitään kummoista mutta minun dolce vitaa:) Meillä loma loppu tältä erää mutta onneksi vielä syyskuussa viikko noissa maisemissa.

Tykkään myös Caudalien Beauty Elixiristä (ihana tuoksu&tunne iholla) mutta aika arvokas linkittämästäsi NAP:sta ostettaessa. Itse ostan varastoon Ranskasta, jossa maksaa noin 8-9€ mutta jos loppuu kesken hankin sitä täältä http://www.easyparapharmacie.com/caudalie-eau-de-beaute-30ml.html

Mukavaa loppulomaa!

Sofia, on July 30, 2016

Susanna, ihanan kuulloiset aamut teillä! Ja kiitos ihan hirmuisesti tuosta vinkistä! <3

Sara, on August 1, 2016

Moikka! Löysin blogisi muutama viikko takaperin, ja olen lueskellut postauksiasi nyt alusta asti. Kiitos mielettömän inspiroivasta blogista! Toivottavasti saadaan vielä nauttia kauniista kesäpäivistä. 🙂

Sofia, on August 2, 2016

Hei Sara ja ihan mahtavaa kun löysit tänne! Tervetuloa <3

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