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Obviously my happy thought number one is the fact that school started this week and we lived to tell the ( very happy) tale! I´m somehow very excited about this and feel like it´s a great new time in our lives in many ways. Cotton Candy is loving school so far and her teacher is the sweetest. We obviously got her all geared up for the school year with a new backpack and pencils and such. She got to choose her “inside” shoes herself as the same style her little sister wears for nursery is obviously not acceptable ( add a winking smily face here). We also made the desk her designated workspace her little sister is not allowed to clutter with her stickers and such ( which is not such a big change as Bubble Gum is more the “playing with her dolls”-type where Cotton Candy has always been the ” crafting and drawing”-kid in our house so the table was basically always her domain). But now it´s to be kept empty and clean at all times for her to have a calm spot to concentrate on. So cute, especially as her homework so far has taken her about 5 minutes every day. But she is very proud to be a first grader so I´m very very happy for her.






I´m also excited to be back in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Planning meals, filling my agenda, working out more regularly and so forth. It´s incredible to be on holiday but I also enjoy just regular days, hobbies and simple dinners around our table discussing seemingly mundane topics about our days. Because if the everyday life is good and simple and just somehow regular it means two things. First, everything in life is pretty well. No sickness, no big worries ( there are always little worries for sure, no one escapes them, but I´m always thankful for these times in my life when the big picture is in order). Secondly, then the days off and the holidays seem that much more special and incredible. Life can´t be all about ” AMAZING!” but the little ordinary days have to count too. They can be just as valuable. But I do love peppering the everyday life with little special moments though. If you eat an ice-cream on holiday it´s nice and all but if you have a pink cupcake with sprinkles on it for dessert in the middle of the week it´s like a little party.







Bubble Gum can´t be counted out of my happiness just to be fair. She is such a sweet little girl going in her new ” Lion Cubs” group in nursery. She was pretty excited to be there without her sister now and she was so happy to see her best friend after the summer holiday. It´s great to see that she found someone special when she started her nursery at the age of 2 and that these girls are still besties, always playing together and being cute and sometimes mischievous together. Maybe the friendship will not last forever but maybe they will end up being each others maids of honour. Never the less it´s lovely to watch these girls and their very special bond. I can see her age difference with her sister quite clearly at the moment. They do play very nicely together but at night time Cotton Candy wants to read Harry Potter for ages whereas Bubble Gum is not that interested in it yet and prefers a shorter story with more pictures. Luckily we have two parents in the house so we can divide our attention. I found a cute new Belle & Boo bedtime story book for her and she was happy to get some special attention too.




Näiden onnen aiheiden myötä toivotan sinulle mahtavaa viikonloppua!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!


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