Excited for right now…

… Lately my attention was caught by…


A traditional Christmas time drink glög designed by a Finnish chef Hans Välimäki. This year´s non alcoholic version is pink and includes rose, rhubarb, strawberry and spices. I really liked it! I think the spiced wine in this recipe or similar could be substituted for the glög. Mixing a tatin with a glög is very seasonal right now.

The movie Café Society. Have you been to see it already? I love movies by Woody Allen and am looking forward to seeing this one. I just have not had a chance yet.

I´m also liking this book. It´s an easy, light and interesting read. I have it on my phone as an iBook. Great for travelling for example.

Have you seen this exhibition? I´m dying to go… I think renaissance art is so beautiful. It´s on until the beginning of next year so go soon.

I absolutely need this Rose night table cream by my bedside. Can´t you just see yourself putting it on your hands last thing before putting your night light off?!

I´m liking this combination of pink and darker red flowers or berries at the moment. It feels cozy and warm yet sophisticated. and I actually found such pretty cut hyacinths that are now on my bedside table and the scent is intoxicating and makes me incredibly happy!

The blog post from Bubble Gum´s birthday is almost ready so you get it tomorrow! Tomorrow also marks the last day of work before my winter holiday so yippee! I will hopefully end work a bit earlier on Friday and I will most certainly have a glass of bubbly this weekend!

Have a great day!






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