Peanut & sesame noodles

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This is a fast food recipe that everyone in your family will likely love. It´s super easy and simple to make. I found the recipe here via Pinterest ages ago so go ahead and check it out as I will be writing it in Finnish on the blog today. I add extra sesame oil on mine and as dinner I like to serve this with some vegetables ( broccoli, bell peppers, snap peas etc. work really well) and a source of protein ( like chicken or tofu if you like it vegan). You can use gluten free noodles on this or anything you fancy really to make it just right for your taste and needs. You can substitute the chicken broth for veg broth just as well for a vegan dish.

Nämä nuudelit on helppo valmistaa ja ne maistuvat todennäköisesti perheessä ihan jokaiselle. Lisäksi voi tarjota vihanneksia, kuten parsakaalia, paprikaa tai vaikkapa sokeriherneitä ja jonkin proteiinin lähteen kuten vaikkapa kanaa tai tofua. Nuudelit valmistuvat ihan käden käänteessä joten ne ovat sopiva arkiruoka ja ne ovat herkullisia myös uudelleen lämmitettynä ( tai mielestäni myös kylmänä) joten loput voi ottaa töihin evääksi seuraavana päivänä.


maapähkinä- ja seesaminuudelit

3 rkl maapähkinävoita ( tähän sopii parhaiten sokeroimaton jossa ei ole mitään ylimääräisiä aineksia)

3 rkl soijakastiketta tai tamarinia

1-3 rkl seesamiöljyä ( itse laitan reilumman annoksen mukaan, kokeile mistä pidät)

0,5-1 dl kana- tai kasvislientä

1 tl puristettua/ raastettua valkosipulia

1 tl raastettua inkivääriä

1 tl Sriracha kastiketta ( jos sinulla on mm. lapsia jotka eivät pidä tulisesta ruuasta voi tätä lisätä hyvin vaikka vaan omaan annokseensa)

koristeluun kevätsipulia ja seesaminsiemeniä

1. Laita nuudelit kiehumaan ( kastikkesta riittää noin neljän hengen annokseen).

2. Sekoita kastikeaineet pienessä kattilassa lämmöllä.

3. Sekoita nuudelit ja kastike sekaisin ja koristele.


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If I could say…

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I have a few younger followers on my blog too which I´m thrilled about. Young women on both sides of 20. Ladies who may not have their own families yet ( I´m so glad you are following my blog although I keep on babbling about kids a lot). I would love to be a sort of a “role model” or inspiration through my blog as well as for my own little girls. Obviously I would like all generations of women to be inspired by a ladylike way of life ( not mine but in general). But maybe not in a way you may think.

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Pancakes & Pj´s

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For Cotton Candy´s 7th birthday for her friends we decided on a pyjama party theme. First things first, I booked the cleaning lady to come the morning after. Kids don´t really mind if your house is not spick and spam but if you decide to serve popcorn with sprinkles and have confetti on the tables you´ll wish there was someone helping you out the next day, especially if you have the grandparents coming for birthday cake. Well that was all besides the point but a fairly good party planning hint to make your life feel a little easier.

So to the actual party… We wanted to serve breakfast foods, such you would serve after a great sleepover, so we had different cereals with milk and almond milk, stacks of pancakes with the choice of maple syrup, butter, cinnamon sugar or whipped cream and jam. We had fresh fruit & berries and we had non dairy smoothies too. And we had hot chocolate with mini marshmallows. The girls had laundry sack jump-racing and then they got some popcorn  for watching Willie Wonka & the chocolate factory- movie ( as one would when on a sleepover). The dress code was pj´s and we asked everyone to bring their sleepy toy too. I had originally planned that they would have decorated pillow cases but as I could not find decently prized ones sold separately anywhere fairly close to my house ( I don´t have a car!) I decided against it in the end. So we made bookmarks for bedtime stories as the craft. Everyone got a small scented bath & shower gel as a party favour. It was a fun party!

( I need to apologise for the awful pictures. It was a really gloomy day…)

7 invitation

As per usual my brother made the invitations for the party.


I used some Liberty print stickers for decorating some bottles like the whipped cream & the maple syrup.

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