Ensi viikolla on ystävänpäivä, mutta blogi piirtyy jo tällä viikolla entistäkin hempeämmäksi jotta kaikki ideat ovat sitten ensi viikolla toteutusta vaille valmiina. Luvassa on ainakin vähän askartelua ja herkkuja.


This super cute Valentines craft is from Darcy Miller. Find the templates and isntructions on her site.

Next week is Valentines day but we are already celebrating it on the blog this week! Why? So that you get all my cute ideas and have time to execute them before the actual day is here! There will be cake, some crafting and there will be a cute DIY ( with a printable) for kids to give to their friends ( why not yours too). So put on your heart shaped glasses and colour the world in all things pink.


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