Tarte au citron


Tämän sitruunapiiraan resepti kannattaa laittaa kokeiluun! Todella hyvää!

Can we all agree to one thing? Lemon in a dessert is ridiculously good. It gives a certain tartness to counteract the sweetness. At least it´s my cup of tea ( well coffee). I had my girlfriends over for that lunch I mentioned on Friday. I wanted to celebrate the fact that March is the first official Spring month by making green asparagus risotto. Because what says Spring more than asparagus. And I know it´s not the season yet but I found great asparagus and had to go for it. And after a risotto I felt we needed pie. Lemon pie to be exact. Green & yellow for Spring you see. And it turned out I ended up making the best lemon pie in the world history. Well ok, you know I´m exaggerating and my husband would say a key lime pie with a high meringue on top is even better but this was good. Really really good. Tart and sweet and just firm enough without being rubbery. I´d say try it if you like lemon… or pie. Or dessert. It´s a few steps pie, so if you are baking for the first time then maybe start with something else. But if not, this is it!

Tarte au citron

For the perfect pie crust check my recipe here. For a big pie double the recipe, or you can make two regular sized pies with this amount of filling. You´ll need to blind bake the pie crust completely before filling. Use pie weights to keep it from rising and remember to cool the dough first and then I still put the pie form in the freezer for a while before sticking it in to the oven.

5dl cream ( 2 cups)
250g sugar
9 eggs
2,50 dl lemon juice ( 1 cup)
grated rind of 2 lemons

1. Heat the cream and sugar in a saucepan until small bubbles appear around the edge of the pan, don´t let it boil.

2. Whisk the eggs in an electric mixer.

3. When the cream is hot, pour it into the eggs, whilst continuously whisking.

4. Pour in the lemon juice and lemon rind and mix well.

5. Strain the mixture and pour into the blind baked tart cases.

6. Bake the tart for  about 50 minutes in 100°c  until the edges are set and the centre is still slightly jiggly. Let it cool completely before serving.

I dusted my pie with some powdered sugar and served it with fresh raspberries. Unfortunately I did not take any photos of the pie before serving it but I did save a piece of it to take a picture for this recipe the next day. It was still really really good the day after. Maybe even better. I have a large pie form I used as it has higher rims which equals more filling. I made three quarters of this filling batch and still had leftovers for making lemon crème brûlée. 





Happy baking and happy Tuesday!

Mukavia leivontahetkiä ja paljon hyvää kahvia tiistaipäivääsi!



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