Lemon crème brûlée

How many of you made the lemon pie I shared about two weeks back? Isn´t it delicious? Well as I said then the filling also turns in to an amazing crème brûlée. I had leftovers so I just put them in my brûlée forms and in the oven with the pie. Did not even bother with my regular brûlée bain marie. When they looked firm I took them out ( my forms are quite shallow so they were ready in about half the time as the pie) and left them to cool completely. Then I put them in the fridge. The next day I sprinkled them with granulated sugar and torched the top crisp. So darn good! I think I might make these for my next dinner party. Crème brûlées are one of my favourite desserts amongst pavlovas. If it´s on the menu at a restaurant I will order it. This is a very fresh and delightful twist to the original.




Aiemmin jakamani sitruunapiiraan täytteestä tulee aivan taivaallista creme bruleeta. Suosittelen kokeilemaan tätä jos tykkään kyseisen jälkiruuan klassikkoversiosta. Tämä voisi olla vaikkapa mainio jälkkäri pääsiäispöytään!

Ihanaa päivää!




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