Hyvää Juhannusta

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Ihanaa, rauhallista, riemukasta tai vaikkapa tunnelmallista juhannusta! Ihan mitä sinulla on haaveissasi.


Me suuntaamme taas ystäväporukalla ja kaikkien lasten kanssa Suomen saaristoon viettämään keskikesän juhlaa. Herkullista ruokaa, puuhaa lapsille, juhannussalko, saunaa ja uintia. Hetkiä ystävien kanssa jutellen. 12 aikuista ja 12 lasta täyttää mukavasti pihapiirin ja vilskettä varmasti riittää, mutta sitten ne rauhalliset hetket saunan terassilla keskikesän tunnelmia tuoksutellen tuntuvat sitäkin hiljaisemmilta ja arvokkaammilta. 

Nähdään ensi viikolla! Silloin tiedossa mm. yksi super helppo resepti jonka voi valmistaa vaikka alkeellisessa mökkikeittiössä.

Happy midsummer!


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Jacadi delivers…

by Sofia   -   in Good things for kids  Shopping

… in so many levels. As you all know I love Jacadi. They have the best quality, simple and classic designs and wonderful fabrics. Their things are pretty and functional so perfect for kids. They have girly floral prints and some ruffles ( not too much) and they have sporty and great basic things too.

Now finally finally finally the Jacadi in Tallinn delivers to Finland and we have tried their services and it works! So no more crying over pretty things online that you just can´t get your hands on. Now you can even if you live in Finland. Yay!!!!! I´m so happy and loving the fact I can now order online and get the things in a few days.

I got the girls some new outfits for midsummer. Cotton Candy wanted a very pretty floral romper instead of a dress and Bubble Gum let me choose her the loveliest dress in this year´s collection ( according to me!). it´s so French and such a classic. Something you would see in the South of France on vacationing Parisian little girls ( I follow a few French mamas with exquisite taste on Instagram so I would know, wink wink). The romper is also gorgeous and the fabric is very midsummer appropriate. Cotton Candy is all about the handstands and cartwheels and splits at the moment so a romper serves her way of moving around perfectly. And all outfits need to be accessorised accordingly of course! Socks, cardigans and some hairpins.







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Tranquility and serenity are not only great words but also mindsets or moods I love to be in ( but obviously am not at all times). The lovely grey scented candle from Gauhar Helsinki definitely helps me get closer. The scent is delicious. Fresh and full. I shot it in our outhouse on the island. The colours match perfectly ( it would look great in our home too but as we are mid renovations and currently not living there I keep it on the island). For those of you not in the know, on some ( well most,) islands mainly used for summer cottages and summertime living do not have plumbing. The water comes from a well and the outhouse substitutes for a bathroom. Ours is white & light grey inside.


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