Have a beautiful weekend


We had an amazingly beautiful sunset on the island this week. I somehow love those gorgeous sunsets that are followed by grey mornings when you wake up to the sound of rain. If it was up to me those sunset evenings should be spent outside just sitting on the rocks and taking in natures magical show and those rainy mornings should be spent under the duvet reading books and sipping hot coffee or tea. This week I was specifically taking in the holiday feeling of not having to hurry anywhere. Making most of being lazy and making the time last a little longer. The evening slowly gliding in to the night and the morning stretching to the day but no one really caring.

Have a fabulous weekend dear Lattemamma readers! Next week we return to normal routines but I think we will try to spend all possible free weekends on the island as long as we can. If the weather is like it was last year we may even be able to come here still in October…



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