Have a lovely weekend

Did you have a good week? I have been unpacking at our house, it´s so lovely to be able to move back very soon. Next week in fact! Can you all say hurray for me!

Other than emptying a box after a box I have been able to pick my kids up earlier on a few days. Bubble Gum and I had a lovely time chatting over a cinnamon bun and some coffee ( for me) before her ballet. I love to listen to my kids rambling about their day, their friends, their ( pre)school assignments etc. On another day I took Cotton Candy for ” coffee” before we went back to get her sister ( who actually did not want to leave when I first came to pick them up as she had a game going on with her friend she did not want to interrupt). So we talked over drinks just us  ” big girls”. I also had breakfast with two very close friend of mine on consecutive mornings and managed to squeeze in a quick lunch with my husband on two days. So I wasn´t just buried under boxes & piles of unwrapped newspaper for days.

My new favourite breakfast spot is this at the moment. I felt like I walked in to a Stockholm café even though it´s not so far away from where we live. It´s great for a family breakfast on weekends too, I´m sure, as they even have waffles etc. and serve breakfast until 4 pm., but I presume it´s pretty busy on weekends.

And Chicago last weekend. Oh it was just so nice ( and hot)!

PicMonkey Collage-14

Breakfast in bed in Chicago and some cupcake cuteness from Magnolia Bakery. I found the loveliest book ” Paris in Bloom” from Anthropologie and a pretty pink bath & shower gel for the newly renovated bathroom for my girlies. Fall glossy mags are my favourites. A bunch of bowls, cake stands etc. to bring to their places and slowly getting there in the kitchen. I love the weird mismatched mugs for my morning coffee.  ♥ Oh and a little sneak peek to our new en suite bathroom. We found most of our components at Domus Classica ( one of my go to stores for anything to do with renovating). Bubble Gum´s new sweater I brought from J. Crew in Chicago and her going to her favourite spot Kanniston Leipomo. ♥ My yummy breakfast at Kuuma with my company just as yummy and a super happy me the next day in Levain.

Now I have rambled on just like my girls do. So let me just wish you a lovely weekend! I will be unpacking some more!


p.s. You get my “pretty” unpacking & coffee shop pictures from my phone today. Sorry about that!

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