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Hey and happy Monday! I finally opened an Instagram account for the blog. I have been meaning to do it for ages but then yesterday I decided to just do it. I have had a personal Instagram account for a long time and I use it A LOT. So I don´t really even know why it took me so long to start one for the blog. But please do come follow me there! You can find it by @lattemammanblogi . I will be sharing hopefully inspirational things that I don´t necessarily have time to write about for the blog, it will be more fast paced and I do take those photos with my phone. The blog is not going anywhere as writing is what I love the most but lately I did feel like starting every blog post by saying sorry for dragging behind here so I figured it could be the space to fill the gaps. Like for instance I´m travelling to Paris with my mom on Thursday for our annual Christmas shopping trip so there you could be with me instantly instead of waiting to hear if I will write about it for the blog and when. Yay!


I wish you have a great start for this week! I´m travelling to New York ( yes again!) today  just for a day ( yes for work!) and I promise to Instagram something seasonal from there too! See you on Instagram!

Sain vihdoinkin avattua blogille Instagram tilin. Tervetuloa seuraamaan minua siellä, löydät sen nimellä @lattemammanblogi! Jaan siellä juttuja enemmän hetkessä, mutta jatkan silti edelleen toki bloginkin parissa. Instagramiin otan kuvat pääsääntöisesti puhelimen kameralla ( kuten tuon yllä olevan räpsyn tyttöjen huoneesta eilen) ja tekstin pätkät ovat lyhyitä joten se ei korvaa blogia vaan täydentää sitä.

Ihanaa alkavaa viikkoa, ajatella, että tällä viikolla alkaa joulukuu!



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