Island awaits

by Sofia   -   in Random

We are so far a long to Spring now! My favourite day is today as the island is being opened. Every year there is a lot to be done before our first proper visit. As we are located all the way out to sea we have to put the pier down ( it needs to be raised during the winter or the ice will move it as the sea freezes), the ( fairly new) running water to the kitchen needs to be connected from the well, the outhouse checked and so on and so on. We literally close the whole house down for winter and open it in the Spring. This is common on the island houses, not many are liveable during the winter months. But today is the day! So very very soon we will get to head out to the island for the first time and this year I have planned on moving there right after schools have finished for the summer, the beginning of June. I very literally can not wait.


I know for some people this island living seems incomprehensible. We don´t have an indoor shower. We don´t have an indoor toilet. Our sauna does not get electricity. But these are some of the things that make living on the island so special. It is a different way of life. In the city we live right in the middle of it all with restaurants, theatres, shops,, gyms, movies, the opera, art galleries and anything we like a short walking distance from us. We have every possible commodity we need in our home from an ice-machine to heated floors all the way to a swimming pool in our building. It is a comfortable way of life but sometimes it´s also a busy and hectic one. On the island we just are. I have said it so many times but I love the way we all slow down. We listen more carefully and we seem to have more time. I feel like we are more present.

My island trip usually starts from packing our things to the post boat that takes us to the bigger island close to us where we keep our smaller boat. They serve coffee and the girls always buy some cookies to give to the captain & the crew. We usually buy pastries to enjoy on the way. This trip is about 45 minutes out. And then we jump on our Buster and drive it to the island. No matter f it´s sunny and still or windy or rainy we drive our small boat to our island. When I feel the wind on my face I always feel calm and giddy and fresh in a way. I somehow feel the peace waiting for me.

I love the familiarity of the house even after a long winter. I love tiptoeing to the kitchen to put the kettle on when everyone is sleeping at night. I lay on the sofa and read my book under my favourite blanket. I love waking up in the morning and taking my coffee cup to the cliffs to listen to the sea and the birds. I love setting lunch out on our sunny terrace or having my mother in law pop by for coffee and a chat that turns to a glass of cold rosé and dinner. I love going to the sauna and swimming in the sea. One girl eager to go no matter how cold it is and one thinking it´s freezing cold even when it´s as warm as it gets. I love evenings of rainy days when we put on candles and the fireplace. And I most definitely love standing outside and the scent that comes from the chimney. It is the best scent in the world. Right there with cinnamon buns.

I love experiencing the same things every year. They are my traditions. They are what makes the place feel like home. I have sent so many worries and so many tankful thoughts out to that sea. I have let the wind carry those thoughts. I have sat there in my husbands arms, I have cuddled my babies, I have danced with my girls, I have been irritated, I have been sad, I have been happy and thrilled but most of all I have been content there. So very content with just a little but for me just enough. More than enough. It is such an important place for me and for my family. And I can not wait to be back. Soon. So very soon.


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