Things that make me happy

As not to be all melancholic here, I wanted to share a list of things that make me happy.


Hot bubble baths after a long day.

Reading in bed on rainy days.

Sun filtering through the trees.

The smell outside after it rains.

Biting in to a perfectly ripe fruit.

The first sip of the first cup of coffee in the morning.

White porcelain.

Beautifully written words.

Dancing with my girls.

Putting my hands in dough.

The scent of lilacs.

Desire in the eyes of the person you love.

Wind on my face.

Clothes that fit perfectly.

Birds chirping.

Putting on a white robe after the shower.

Bubbles gliding upwards in a champagne glass.

Ironed fresh sheets.

Candle light.

A breeze on a hot day.

Have the most wonderful and positive day!



  • Katja

    Minun pitäisi itsekin tehdä tuollainen lista, jotta muistaisin ne pienet ihanat hetket elämässä ja muistaisin niistä nauttia. Sinulla oli jokin aika sitten Instassa mietelause: “Remember when you wanted what you currently have?”. Ja se kolahti minuun täysillä! Tosiaan elän nyt sitä elämää, mitä joskus niin kovasti halusin. Joskus se vaan kaiken arjen pyörityksen keskellä helposti unohtuu.

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