Dear diary

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What is your way of staying on top of things in the busy hustle and bustle we call life? Do you keep a daily planner or have you gone electronic and use your phone to mark down your important appointments? I´m definitely a paper planner person. I like how it feels in my hands and I like to write things down and look at my weekly view. Besides I think planners are so pretty. I also just bought a new monthly view calendar to keep on the pantry wall.



But to truly keep my head straight and to mark down ideas, to get the worries out of my head, to cherish the things I´m truly thankful for or to dream and plan for the future I use a diary. I have been writing a diary for as long as I can  remember. It was probably the most therapeutical thing to do for a teenager as who really would have wanted to listen to all that gushing about boys or my friends. It would probably be fun to one day open up and start reading how I felt then and to be reminded about the times. When the girls were little I had a sort of a break from writing a diary or it was at most very irregular which is sort of sad as it would be fun to look back to those memories but luckily it has been memorised in picture form and obviously here on the blog too for some part. At that time of my life it just sort of felt like there was not that time for that and everything that was happening was so big and new and fulfilling I really somehow just did not even get it out of me. It felt like if I started writing I would be writing for weeks to get it all on paper. Then a diary like Mom´s one line a day seems more realistic at times. On top of having a full heart at that point you also have your hands so full but it´s still great to jot down little things like the dates when they learned to crawl or the funny things they said. Anyhow I am back to writing my diary and I have to tell you I highly recommend it to everyone.








It just clears your head to have all the thoughts and ideas on black and white and not making their rounds in your head with a constant nagging feeling that with all things going on in your life you will forget about that great idea or thing that happened. My diaries are definitely less about the people in my life these days unlike they probably were when I was 14 and more about dreams, plans and aspirations. They help me declutter my head. And if you are not one to write a lengthy story about how you will eventually set out the pantry or what your most important aspirations are for your kids then may I suggest writing down a few happy thoughts each day. It really helps to think about the good and the things you are thankful for.

As I have shared here before I keep a “happy thoughts ” diary with my girls before bedtime. It´s just a list of things that made each girl happy that day from a successfully played piano tune to seeing a friend since a long time to getting an ice-cream or finding a really good rubber ( you know how irritating the ones that just leave dark marks on your school books can be!). Anyhow it definitely would work for us adults too. And apart from a little notebook and a pencil it´s basically free therapy. You can even start by first writing a list of things that bother you or that need to be done and then finish of with the things you are thankful about. When it´s all on paper it is out of your head at least a little and it makes it easier to fall asleep without a hundred things running around in your head but the list of good thoughts there as the last thing you thought about before falling asleep.

Do you keep a diary?


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2 comments on “ Dear diary „
Katja, on January 21, 2019

Minä olen ehdottomasti päiväkirja-ihminen. Viime vuosina kalenteri on toimittanut enemmän ja vähemmän päiväkirjan virkaa ja kuvaan usein hyvinkin arkisia asioita pitäen niin ns. valokuvapäiväkirjaa. Nyt huomaan ilokseni myös tyttäreni innostuneen päiväkirjan kirjoittamisesta.

Sofia, on February 4, 2019

Katja, päivärkijassa vaan on jotain taikaa <3. Meillä tytöt tosiaan pitävät toistaiseksi tuota onnen aiheet päiväkirjaa ja matkapäiväkirjaa.

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