Bare ankles & pistachio ice-cream

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Do you know what I just got a hankering for. Having slightly cropped pants, bare ankles and loafers on. The kind of weather when you can get way with bare feet in your shoes but can wear a cardigan over your blouse. Maybe have a scarf around your neck but sunglasses on. Those first Spring days when you can sit outside on a terrace for lunch and order a glass of rosé. It´s still not hot summer weather but warm enough to order a salad. I find that those in between clothes are most stylish to my liking. A little bit cool you actually have to get properly dressed up, ( and not too hot yet, the kind of weather when you can´t literally wear anything but a sundress and still feel too hot) but warm enough to not have to wear stocking under your skirt. I miss that right now. The good part is that that time of year is almost hear. Weeks away. And we all know how fast these weeks go in our lives.


I actually also started to miss the summer dress season. A perfect white sundress with espadrilles or white Supergas. A sunhat. Seagulls screaming on the docks. Buying fresh strawberries & snap peas from the market place with a bunch of perfectly pink peonies. A pretty market basket on your arm. Having pistachio ice-cream, the proper kind with a few real nuts crunching in your mouth while you lick & bite in to it. I miss that too. Only weeks away as well. ( And I know Gauhar is launching the absolutely perfect white summer dress for basically all body types so stay tuned for that, I saw a sneak peek and can´t wait to get my hands on one, it´s a must have).


But for now I will enjoy the anticipation of it all with great excitement. Maybe by Easter the first scenario is closer by. And then it´s only a hop, skip and a week or a few from that until the Summer. Last year May was super hot in Helsinki. Let´s hope the same happens this year too!


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2 comments on “ Bare ankles & pistachio ice-cream „
mummi Turusta, on March 11, 2019

Ei voi olla totta! Juttelin eilen sunnuntaikävelyllä Lattemamman tyttöjen ihanista vaatteista, kun katselimme Jacadin ikkunaa täällä Nizzassa, ja ostimme lempijäätelömme:pistaasijäätelöä koko astian ja menimme kotiin nauttimaan lämpimälle parvekkeelle ja loput pakkaseen! Sitten Turkuun, kun ilmat siellä lämpenee!

Morwenna Hill, on March 16, 2019

Lovely post, Sofia! You have really captured the essence of spring and early summer. Thank goodness we do not have to wait very long to enjoy these beautiful moments again!
Morwenna x

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