I´m back

by Sofia   -   in Random

Finally the blog is fixed. There was some sort of a bigger situation on my platform but all is good now and luckily the blog has stayed intact.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter. We enjoyed some time in the countryside at our friend´s island, so lovely. I can not believe it is almost May! It has been a weird long wait for me as I am still on sick leave now with an operated shoulder and still waiting for the new apartment to be ready. But our move in date is etching closer and closer and even if I say so myself the place is starting to look pretty nice. I very literally can not wait to have a home again. It´s not like our lives would have been on hold waiting for it but it is a little different when most of your belongings are in storage. Now we are so very close I can almost feel it!


Also another season is upon us and I am so excited we are starting island season very soon. This weekend in fact. It is usually the thing I look forward to the most but this year the new home is taking precedence. But I am super excited about that too. It is my happy place as you well know. I can already feel the wind in my hair, the pinecones under my feet and hear the sound of birds chirping around me. I can smell the wood burning sauna in the air. Just a few small days away. So so close.

I hope you had not forgotten me even in my long absence!


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2 comments on “ I´m back „
PB, on April 24, 2019

So nice to have you back!

Sofia, on April 25, 2019

Thank you PB so good to hear!

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