Apple pie, sort of dry ( but delicious)

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You know in life we can make things the hard way or the easy way. Usually in baking and cooking I look at a recipe and if it feels like too much of a hassle I don´t even think of making it. There are days and there are things that feel like they are worth the effort but then there are most often days when I just make something simple and yummy. You know how I roll. Good ingredients, simple recipe… usually a delicious outcome. I mean for instance, I could be very happy eating really good quality past if it´s boiled just right and served with butter, a dash of some wonderful olive oil, Maldon salt, freshly cracked black pepper and some delicious aged parmesan cheese. It is actually the kind of dish I would eat more often than not if it were just a little better for me. Or some amazing rye bread with churned butter and fresh gravad ( cold cured) salmon, a light sprinkle of dill and perhaps a tiny squish of lemon and a teeny bit or rosé pepper. So the simpler the better.





I love pies ( and buns and cakes and tarts and …) and what is better in the autumn than apple pie from those first tart domestic apples. I like all kinds of fancy American apple pies and French tarts and galettes. But somehow my favourite always seems to be the simplest one with a bit of a crumble in the crust, just tart apples with some cinnamon sugar and served warm with a  vanilla ice- cream. I have shared my pie crust recipes before and this is the favourite you will find here ( scroll down there for the English recipe). I just added sliced apples and a mixture of 1-2 tbls of melted butter, 1 tbls of maple syrup and 1 tsp of cinnamon that I brushed the tart base with before adding the apples and also the apples. I also made little individual ones ( because I had some pie dough left) that I filled with a teaspoon of lingonberry jam and added an apple slice cut with a scalloped edge cookie cutter. They turned out pretty cute too. So there you go. Simple and oh so good. I mean if you like a very moist apple pie then this is definitely not your cup of tea but if you like a little crumble with your vanilla ice-cream then you will love this.










Have a happy day!


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2 comments on “ Apple pie, sort of dry ( but delicious) „
Katja, on August 22, 2019

Herahti vesi kielelle tätä lukiessa ja kauniita kuvia katsoessa. Kuinka kaunis kattaus ja nuo ihanat nimikoidut lautasliinat! Täytyypä omenapiirakkaa taas leipoa, rakastan leipomista, mutta olen yrittänyt keventää ruokavaliota, joten en ole kesällä juurikaan leiponut kuin pannukakkua lapsille. Kotimaisia omenoita ostin juuri eilen K-kaupasta, niin hyviä ihan sellaisenaankin.

Sofia, on August 25, 2019

Katja, ne omput ovat niiiin hyviä ihan vain sellaisenaankin!

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