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Friday, time for some happy thoughts! It´s been a weird week. I have had some issues with my shoulder ( still) and I´m on yet another sick leave from work which is obviously not a happy thought and some other things have been happening around me that were not on the happy list either ( like someone braking in to the attic in our building, the school sending their first warning of lice going around etc…). But I´m going to go ahead and do “me” which is to find the good things in this week instead of dwelling on the not so delightful stuff.

My number one happy thought this week shall be the light in this apartment. It is one of the first things people comment on when they arrive and one of the main things we fell in love with when we saw the place for the first time ourselves. But now that I have been taking pictures for the blog it really really makes such a difference. I don´t know if you think you can see a difference but I can tell you that taking good ( in my standards) pictures is exponentially easier than in our previous home. It did have a lovely soft mood and lighting but I think it´s fair to say it was pretty dark compared to this piece of real estate that took all the light and did not feel like sharing. So photoshooting wise it´s a very happy thought.



I took these pictures on a grey and cloudy day and probably could have added a bit more light to them but in the previous apartment taking pictures on a cloudy day was nearly impossible. This pretty chocolate box was a gift from a friend. I love Marchesi and hope to visit their London shop in September.






I have set up a little office for myself in the pantry which I absolutely love and it´s one of my happy thoughts as I´ve been using it quite a lot this week. Just a small table and chairs but it makes all the difference having a space ( other than your dining room table or bed) to write at. I also use it for my weekly meal planning and other similar to do lists and the girls like to have their after school snacks here too. It´s a lovely little space in this house that we all seem to be drawn to. A friend thought it seemed like a “waste of space” in the way that it is the size of an extra bedroom and could have been used for something more ” useful”. But for us it´s probably the most useful room, as on top of fitting all my pretty serving dishes on the open shelves it hosts our blender, microwave oven, wine cupboard, cleaning closet and obviously being the pantry it has all food like cereal, rice, flour, pasta,  cookies, tinned tomatoes etc. I have all my cookbooks in here and it hosts all my party planning things too. So basically I´m just the kind of person who needs a pantry more than a guest room. My husband very rarely works from home as he has a really nice office not so far from our home and he tries to limit his work load to his office hours. If he needs to work more he stays later. So we did not really need a proper office. And then yes obviously it could have been a laundry room but that fit perfectly to the girls bathroom and hides nicely behind pretty folding doors. Besides the space did not have access to water. We don´t really have houseguests that stay overnight that would need a guest room. The girls have sleepover guests but they obviously sleep in the girls rooms. A guest room would obviously be very nice but not as useful to us as a pantry. Or we could have just made our kitchen bigger, but the pantry sort of woks a space to put all the things we don´t want visible in the kitchen so our kitchen always looks nice and neat. I sort of love it like it so much it´s silly.





You may have noticed I have a specific type of pen in use. I love Muji black ink in 0,5. I have been using them for years, perhaps almost 20 years now. I find it to be the best for me. People often complement my handwriting but I think it´s a lot up to the pen you write with. It needs to be ” sharp”.


The memo board is from Gauhar.


My third happy though shall be the silver lining of being on sick leave. It frees time for me to make breakfast for the girls and greet them after school, take them to their hobbies and to cook dinner every night. I can read them bedtime stories and I can tuck them in. Even with the pain and the painkillers it´s a happy thought to be here for my babies and also it´s good to respect the fact that it´s just a shoulder joint that hopefully one day will be as good as new and nothing more than that. An annoyance more than  anything.



One of the girls hobbies is art school. I can highly recommend The Little Art School which was recommended to me by one of you years ago when Stefania was starting. I love framing my kids art work and just saw a lovely idea by my friend May on Instagram. She had had her art pieces framed in white frames but the pas partouts were light pink. So pretty!


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.



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2 comments on “ Happy thoughts „
Karkki, on August 23, 2019

Ihania kuvia ja niistä todellakin voi nähdä valon ja valoisuuden. Mielestäni myös valitut materiaalit hienosti ja hienostuneesti korostavat asunnon valoisuutta.
Saat myös täydet symppaukset sairaslomasta. Toivottavasti olkapääsi on pian kunnossa. Itsenikin pitäisi oikeastaan olla sairaslomalla mutta töissä on niin monta ihanaa ja kiinnostavaa projektia, että teen töitä kotoa. Laitoin aamulla kynttilät palamaan, lempeä vanha jazz soi hiljaa taustalla, jalassa ne ihanimmat lökö-farkut yhdistettynä jo pehmeään puuvillapaitaan. Ihanaa perjantaita sinulle 🙂

Sofia, on August 25, 2019

Moi Karkki! Kuulostaa täydelliseltä sinun etätyöt! Parane pian!

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