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This might be a great time for us to make some plans. What do we want to achieve in the next few weeks or perhaps months? I´m going to make sure my family gets up in the morning as usual, we brush our teeth & hair and we make our beds, we get dressed. I don´t mean full blown make-up and office clothes. Now this is a great chance for us to let our face breath without foundation but we need to keep some sort of routine even if we are at home and getting comfortable in our leggings and cashmere sweaters.




I will keep you posted on some fun ideas on what we will try to implement to our lives here at home on top of home- school an daily  training ( our dancer has a strict routine from her competitive group they all keep up). One of the things my girls actually asked for ( I am not making this up) is to have an etiquette class at home- school. Well yes, that I can do! Such a great timing for my new Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece´s Manners Begin At Breakfast book to arrive. You can find it on Adlibris. I have not had a chance to read it yet but will do so in the upcoming days. And if you are aching for a manners book in Finnish then stay tuned…




We have also planned some meditation, cooking, crafts and obviously baking for the upcoming days. This is a great time for self care, mental and physical. I´ll share our ideas! One of the decisions we made was to choose one person at a time to get a breakfast in bed. As we are not leaving to work or school in the mornings we can easily pamper each other. It will be done so that the others plan and execute it in a rotation. It will not be every morning but everyone gets their chance to plan and also their chance to enjoy it. Will you try it to brighten up someone´s day? Make a really cute tray and something healthy and yummy!




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3 comments on “ Make a plan „
PM, on March 17, 2020

Ihanaa, kun olet taas täällä blogissa!Tuntuu siltä, että välität meistä lukijoistasi tosi paljon jakaessasi elämäänne ja ajatuksiasi. Ja KAUNIITA kuvia.Palaan kirjoituksiisi useita kertoja.Nyt kävin taas lukaisemassa myös haastattelun Mum’s in style,elokuu 1,2014.Ja hymyilen sisäisesti,I think you have experienced that kind of warm smile in your heart,too.It’s hard to explain, though.

Sofia, on March 22, 2020

PM Kiitos, kiitos, kiitos! Sait niin suuren hymyn leviämään kasvoilleni! Ja taisin vihjata jotain sinne päin 😉

PM, on March 17, 2020

Ja vihjaisitko juuri, että saamme Lattemammalta saman tyyppisen käytöskirjan kuin tuo prinsessa Marie-Chantalin kirja?!

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