Happy Easter

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On this Good Friday the city is quiet. The sun is shining, the sky is perfectly light blue. The prettiest shade, just like the softest  cashmere sweater my father had, that I used to borrow from him in high school. Only the seagulls have started their yearly laughter, echoing through the old building and courtyards. One morning, just a few days ago, we sat by the table having breakfast with the dining room windows wide open to let the fresh Spring air in. I told my daughter it was one of my favourite sounds in the world. She looked at me and told me that in truth by July I will lie on the cliffs on the island and tell the seagulls to quiet down as they are disturbing my daydreaming. She is right. But for me it is the sound of the summer´s imminent arrival. Not long now.





You know me, I slowly start aching for the island season when the first white tulips arrive in January. By the time narcissus are brightening up our homes I can barely wait. For the familiar feel of the pine needles under my bare feet. For the salty sea wind in my hair. On my face. For the nights by the fire when it rains outside. For the morning when the sun starts heating up the cliffs and we cuddle in our little nook there, the one that also is the sleeping quarters of our Pirate ship. In our pyjamas, me wearing an old cardigan I´ve worn there every summer for 14 years and for many years before I went there for the first time. On this Good Friday the season is inching closer, the island is being opened. It will be some time before we can go. But not much longer I hope.






I hope your life has not been only consumed by thoughts of the situation we are all in at the moment. I´m sure we have all learned a few things about ourselves during this time. Perhaps also about the people close to us. But I hope it´s not all bad and we have also learned to enjoy the little things more. When we are rushing out the door in the morning to get to work and to school we barely have time to look out the window and to enjoy the view. Now I notice my hot coffee, I have time to taste it. The time has slowed a little almost like it does when we step off that little boat of ours and on to the island.

I wish you have a lovely and relaxing Easter weekend. I will see you here next week.


Pictured some of our collection of Easter eggs throughout the years. Most of the I have bought from Ombrellino but some are also from Papershop and Tingeling, The cutest Peter Rabbit napkins are from here. I just added them on top of my pile of white paper napkins that we use regularly on the dining table. I don´t use linen napkins all the time, only for some more special occasions during the week. I do love using them but the laundry and ironing would pile up now that we all eat at home all the time. The Peter Rabbits ones will make my girls meals so much cuter!

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2 comments on “ Happy Easter „
PM, on April 10, 2020

Very poetic language,love it!

Sofia, on April 16, 2020

Thank you PM! <3

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