PicMonkey Collage-56

In times like these we get so much energy from friends. All kinds of friends. But we may have all noticed that some think of these situations differently. Some are anxious, some think others are hysterical, some find the whole situation boring and others enjoy the break from their busy lives. It also has to do with the fact that for others this time might be busier than for some. Or you may be in a financially difficult place at the moment while your friend is not. There is no right or wrong. It does not mean that we can´t be friends with each other even if we tackle this differently. But the truth is it´s very helpful to find that someone who sees the situation in the same way as you do. To have someone you relate to. As the truth is, we do need someone to tell us we are not crazy. It´s normal if you loose your temper and it´s normal if you find this whole situation unbearable. But neither is it crazy to enjoy your time with the family. To see the unexpected beauty in this moment. I´m sure no one loves where we are and no one is blind to the fact that this will affect our community, our country and our whole world for years to come. But again it is the difference in the way we face the truth that makes us who we are as persons and it´s always wonderful to find that someone who sees or feels it the same way you do. It´s helpful.

Have you found your likeminded friend?


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