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Just wanted to pop by and wish you a wonderful weekend!

My computer was in the girls use last week and the beginning of this one as Cotton Candy´ broke. But now it´s all mine again as they are back to school and don´t need it for distance studies anymore. The girls were so excited to get back to school and to see their friends again. I have been very strict and they have only had each others company for a few months so I saw two very happy faces yesterday.



I felt neither sadness to see them go, as they only have 3-4 hours daily, nor enormous relief. I know it´s not probably a very popular view to say this but I did not find the whole “home schooling” side very tasking. My kids are in an age where they are still young enough so I can help them if needed but old enough to be quite independent with their tasks. Cotton Candy even made her own schedules as she is quite fast at school work and I gave Bubble Gum her daily assignments. At first she needed some ” hand holding” but in the end she was very independent too. So the most tasking part was probably reading all the assignments and forwarding them to my kids. I am a very organised person and a list writer by nature so it was actually not that bad either.

I think this sort of time suites my kind of personality very well. I am a homebody by nature and we spend quite a lot of time as a family anyway. I think it also helped that I did not work from home so I had the extra time needed for cooking and cleaning. I am not saying I did not snap at my kids or loose my nerve but if I´m honest I do it in a non quarantine world too. Not so often but sometimes. I would like to think that I´m quite good at apologising too and admitting if I´m wrong! And my kids quarrelled, as I said on my mother´s day post, but then again I think I would be more worried if they never did. I think they managed this time very well. It must all be a little hard for children to try to understand. I tried to keep the atmosphere at home positive and stress free as much as I could.

My younger daughter told me this morning that it did not feel like 2 months at all. And that is the funny thing about time. When you think ahead it seems like an awful long time but when you look back it really isn´t. If you can grasp that, then most time consuming things don´t seem that daunting. But then again it´s also about perspective and situation. When we were waiting to move to the new house a year ago, every single day´s  delay seemed unbearable. So I am definitely only talking from my view point in my current situation and not by any means try to say that if this time felt hard for you you were somehow “wrong”.

I did probably say on more than one occasion that I need a drink and a chat with my girlfriends. I personally found all the cancelled parties and trips making me the saddest. And all the family meals and time spent together the most rewarding. Oh and the long nights sleeps and not running to hobbies every day!

I hope you have the most wonderful weekend!


p.s. My favourites flowers are in season. Sweet peas for Sofia´s day on my bedside table today.

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