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If there has been one good thing about this situation then it´s all the lovely online shopping opportunities that have popped up. I live in the centre of Helsinki so when shops are actually open I like visiting the premises. But these are  good news to all who live further away as I´m pretty sure these keep on existing. One of my absolute favourite shops is Prologue ( you already know that). So now you can order their wonderful collection online.

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The Ciré Trudon scented candles are so elegant, both in scent and jar. My favourite scent is Manon, the scent of Parisian laundry maids in times passed. Fresh, clean linen, the scent of lavender, orange, soft soap & musk. It´s incredible. It smells clean and familiar at the same time. The Manon candle comes in the classic green jar not the white pictured.  And I have loved Astier Villatte for as long as I can remember. Their little boutique in Paris on Rue st Honorée is always on our list of places to visit, especially at Christmas time when they have the ornament pop up where you walk up the narrow creaky chairs. We bought Astier Villatte´s beautiful plates and put them on display in the kitchen. They truly are like pieces of art. I´m also dreaming of their gorgeous vases as most flowers actually look so much better in these than in class vases where the stems are visible. And the little accessories from their own Vlody collections are also on point. And we can´t live without our Holistic silk sleeping masks. Well we can, but my husband says he sleeps so much better with it as it really keeps all the light out.

This post is not a blog collaboration, although I did get a wonderful ” cheer up” package from the Prologue girls from their Vlody collection when the situation started. I´m just very desperate to keep these small businesses alive. I wish that when all this is over I can walk the streets of my favourite cities and still find my favourite shops, cafés and restaurants. The old institutions as well as all the little hidden gems that make the cities feel like mine.

I hope you have a wonderful day!


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2 comments on “ Prologue online „
Katja, on June 9, 2020

Prologuessa on kyllä ihania tavaroita. Minä tykkään asioida pienissä kivijalkakaupoissa ja kierrellä kahviloita, onneksi siihen varmaan on kohta taas mahdollisuus. Nyt koronarajoitusten aikaan löysin Jolien ja Gauharin nettikaupat ja tilasin kahteen otteeseen kummastakin. Normaalisti tykkään kyllä asioida paikan päällä.

Sofia, on July 9, 2020

No sama täällä Katja, toivottavasti pian taas kaikki normalisoituu. <3

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