The beauty within

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It is quite obvious that even as a blogger who tries to steer clear of any events happening around the world, not because I don´ t care but because this is not the sort of platform to take a stance, this is I think a time where one must. Not only because if I don´t you would most likely think I don´t care but also because it´s only fair we all do.

The black lives matter movement around the world was long due, I´m certain. And even though the unjust socio-economical situation of the USA does not necessarily apply in Finland ( from slavery to years of unjust treatment etc. I hope many are at least a little educated by now on this) it is obvious this country is very racist. And we are not only racists towards people of colour but toward people of different religions, different sexual orientations and towards our Eastern neighbour. Perhaps not you or your friends but it does exist in this country and we can not close our eyes from it.


The Problem We All Live With by Norman Rockwell in 1964

In this picture the US Marshalls escort Ruby Bridges to an all white school. 

I personally look the spitting image of white privilege. I am a blond, blue eyed Scandinavian woman. I have lived a very sheltered life. Growing up I had two parents who cared for me and I had all the advantages in life one can wish for. So to say I can relate would be untrue. But I can say that I have lived very close to people who have encountered and do still encounter bullying and racisms. I don´t condone it. I speak against it. I teach my children like I was taught. Everyone has the same value. Someone is not better than you but neither are they less than you.

I find beauty in people that comes from inside. I do see outer beauty too and it´s definitely not just white. But what matters the most is the inner beauty of people. Kindness and the courage to be themselves. We are often scared of what we don´t know. It worries us. So instead of judging or just labelling each person under one generalisation find out more. The fact that someone does not dress like you, share the same beliefs as you or look like you does´t mean you are ” right” or you are ” better”. Nor does it mean they are. There is no right race, right religion, right way to love. We all should travel, read, find out. We should get cultured and civilised. Get to know instead of being scared of the unknown and when you do you may realise your best friend is an Orthodox Jewish mother of seven or whoever you find your soul clicks with. No matter how they look or what they believe in. We can´t like every single person on this planet but we can try to find out first before we label and judge.

Speak up and if you are a parent then teach your children about equality. We are all one race, human race.


p.s. If you have a dancer in your family ( or even if you don´t) may I recommend my daughter´s idol, a ballet dancer Michaela DePrince´s autobiography(s). I think your ( older) kids might like her story. Here is a very short clip of her story. She is such an inspiration to Cotton Candy and a beautiful dancer.

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4 comments on “ The beauty within „
PM, on June 9, 2020

Amen.Thank you Lattemamma, from the bottom of my heart.

Sofia, on July 5, 2020

Kiitos PM, Katja ja Susanna E. <3

Katja, on June 9, 2020

Kirjoitit hienosti ja puhut asiaa!

Susanna E., on June 10, 2020

Tyylikkäästi suoraan asian ytimeen. Kiitos kun liputit asian.

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