It was there in the air on Sunday morning. After the heavy rain the night before. We saw glimpses of it in the previous week. Even a few fallen leaves on our walk to ballet. But now, now I smelled it and I felt it. Even if the sun came back. Even if it does not look like it today. I can feel it. It´s a mixture of excitement, of comfort and of bittersweet moment of letting go of the long carefree days of summer spent lounging on the cliffs. I don´t mind that, as bittersweet means it has been lovely. And now it´s time for something new. My favourite season is upon us. And I can already feel it making me more energetic. I feel like there is a rhythm that speaks to me. More structured, more organised. It feels more like me. Yet sprinkled with cozy moments. Candles at breakfast, fire in the fireplace at night. It feels quite decadent in a city home. The fireplace is so old. I feel like it tells a story of someone else who has been sitting by it every time we light it up. When we don´t, it´s cold and silent. Evening tea from a tea pot that was heated ahead of being used and then kept under a tea cozy. Autumn is here and I am ready. I have a new tea pot, a new diary, a new book club book and a new basket for the firewood. Let the games begin.











I hope you have a lovely start of the week!


p.s. My daughter told me there are 17 Friday´s before Christmas. I shall enjoy Autumn first but if you are not a big fan then you can start your countdown to that.

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