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by Sofia   -   in Random

I love writing about pretty shoes and cute new handbags I´ve spotted online. But I also enjoy writing something a bit deeper or perhaps a little more meaningful every once in a while. I think it´s important to know that all the people we follow on any social media platform is a person. Some have easier lives, some struggle with many things. As much as I like keeping things upbeat I too want you to know I am not always happy all day every day. If someone tells you they are I would not buy it. We can be happy everyday for something but it´s only human to sometimes feel a little angry, a little sad, a little wounded even. How we bounce back from our trials or our heartaches or whatever we come across in our lives is very much about how we are as people. Some are blue longer or fall deeper. Others find the silver lining more easily. There is no right or wrong, there is only human. I can definitely find myself in the latter category. I have been blessed with a positive mindset and I almost always find that silver lining in things. But I also think it´s most important to feel every feeling, to talk when you feel you want someone to listen and to cry if you feel like crying. It´s also helpful when you have to go through things in life that you actual go through them instead of ignoring them. And even if we, who blog, write things to people we don´t know and even if we don´t want to share all the little details of our lives with strangers I think it´s important that we do every once in a while be just a little vulnerable and share that we too are human. Never mind our personal reasons. That is never the point. Sharing all is not the point. The point is just sharing a feeling someone might be able to relate to and to find comfort in. If you do find joy or relief in others struggles or sadness then that is another thing and perhaps something you should think about and work on.

And just so I don´t make myself sound so dramatic as the tone can be lost in a written text I am fine! And not trying to sound cryptic. Just in general I think we sometimes have to share a flipside to a coin to remind everyone on social media that even if we promote positivity I hope you know by now that having a positive mindset is not about plastering a smile on your face if you feel sad or not going through your emotion. A cup of good coffee can save the day if you feel crappy about a night slept poorly. A pretty umbrella can save the day if you hate the rain. Those are different things. 


It can´t be all happy thoughts all the time in anyones life but there are plenty of good and happy things too! I for one am happy today to go for a run in a pretty Fall weather. I will have lunch with an old friend I love. I will go for mocktails with my girls after school to celebrate the start of the weekend ( thank you for this wonderful new tradition to my friend who does it with her family). And later I will go out to dinner with my husband and some friends I am very much looking forward to. Date nights are the best! 

I hope you have a very lovely weekend!


p.s. Collage pictures borrowed from Pinterest which I rarely do. This is the colour scheme making me feel it this year. No orange or pink. Greys, whites, blues and greens for me please.

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