Happy 2021

by Sofia   -   in Random

So good to open my computer after a long while. I´m sorry I missed out on wishing you a Merry Christmas but I hope most of you follow me on Instagram and saw my greetings there. But now I am back from a little holiday and wanted to quickly pop by to wish you so much health happiness and goodness for this year of hope 2021 that I truly wish will take a turn to better very soon. Personally I am so happy about all the snow I try to ignore other things I have no control over and to enjoy the small things. You know it´s my jam. I will try to find myself some pretty flowers to brighten up my home after all the pretty decorations have been taken down and my house looks more like a laundromat after a ski-ing holiday than a pretty home. Luckily I love doing laundry and I actually have a better place for this than in our old apartment. While the machine does the heavy lifting I will go for a walk outside and call a friend to see how the lockdown in England is going.


( what I wish my laundry basket looked like right now. Picture from Gauhar)

Happy New Year! May it be everything you wish for!


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