Melting snowmen

My friend had a Frozen birthday party for her 4 year old daughter. I volunteered to bake some cookies as I remembered seeing these super cute melting snowman cookies online and wanted to try them out. They were not exactly Olaf, but very cute regardless. These would be adorable for any special treat, especially with hot cocoa. I don´t really know for certain who originally came up with this idea as they have been reproduced so many times but I can take zero credit for the design myself. I just wanted to share these incase you have not seen them yet. Just use your favourite sugar cookie recipe and whatever icing you like, the add a marshmallow for the head and decorate with thicker coloured icing. Some had made cute hats and scarves for the snowmen too, but I left it out to get at least the smallest resemblance of Olaf on these. 

Sulavat lumiukkokeksit ovat mielestäni niin söpöt, että vaikka idea ei olekaan omani vaan lainattu, niin ajattelin kuitenkin jakaa teillekin. Nämä tein ystäväni tyttären nelivuotis juhliin, mutta ne maistuisivat varmasti myös vaikkapa kaakaon kera ulkoilun päätteeksi erityisenä herkkuna. Leivoin vaniljasokerikeksejä ja koristelin nämä pikeerillä. Pään tein vaahtokarkista.







Lumista ja mukavaa päivää!

Have a good day!


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