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I´m so sorry for this very short week on the blog. You guessed it, I was a little swamped at work in the beginning of the week and now I´m leaving for a very exciting work trip which just means I have been trying to spend as much time as possible with the girls. And yesterday when it was my day off I had to put my feet up for a minute, put on some relaxing classical tunes and take a bath in candle light. It helped to calm me down from going on the fourth gear and it also physically warmed me up.








Tomorrow morning I´m flying off to San Fransisco and onwards to New York. So I´m hoping that by the time I arrive back home for Independence day I have my Christmas shopping done and over with. I´m also planning on crossing off a little something from my bucket list as I plan to visit the Miette shop while in Frisco. I have never been to San Fransisco and I´m so looking forward to seeing it live. And New York at Christmas time! Not many things better than that! I have made it a habit to buy a new Christmas tree ornament if I travel before we put the tree up and I´m fairly sure I´ll find something lovely this year too.

Today I´m picking the girls up early from school and we will bake gingerbread cookies. The girls scored new dog cookie cutters, a poodle and a dutch hound, from their first day of the Christmas calendar. We are also playing some seasonal music on repeat. Remember the list I made for you last year ( find the link here)?


p.s. I´ll try to put a post about the gorgeous crowns for you on timer for tomorrow but even if I don´t succeed go and see them live, they are so gorgeous and everything else there too. We bought so many gorgeous things yesterday. I found a Christmas present for a friend, a beautiful little tree for my coffee table, and something for a little girl to put under the tree. My friend bought the prettiest pale pink trees in gorgeous urns and a doll bed and table plus a collection of the prettiest bows. You can see the details of the event from my post from yesterday.

The posters pictured are available in Etsy. Find them here.

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