Bespoke dresses

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I was looking for dresses for the girls for my goddaughters christening. I found cute ones but they were not available in my girls sizes. So Katariina Alftan from Finnish Nona K. and I decided we could make them. She could, not me, as I´m useless at sewing. As I have said before she makes the loveliest things with her skilful hands. And these dresses are no exception. A very timeless model that looks just as cute on my girls even though they were clothes bigger that 6 year olds ( one of them still is but as she is taller than most second graders and taller than her soon to be 9 year old big sister she does not fit the little cute clothes category anymore).DSC_0960




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Things that make me happy

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As not to be all melancholic here, I wanted to share a list of things that make me happy.


Hot bubble baths after a long day.

Reading in bed on rainy days.

Sun filtering through the trees.

The smell outside after it rains.

Biting in to a perfectly ripe fruit.

The first sip of the first cup of coffee in the morning.

White porcelain.

Beautifully written words.

Dancing with my girls.

Putting my hands in dough.

The scent of lilacs.

Desire in the eyes of the person you love.

Wind on my face.

Clothes that fit perfectly.

Birds chirping.

Putting on a white robe after the shower.

Bubbles gliding upwards in a champagne glass.

Ironed fresh sheets.

Candle light.

A breeze on a hot day.

Have the most wonderful and positive day!


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by Sofia   -   in Random

I did not mean to go missing for a whole week but then as they say, life happened. There was work ( a trip to Chicago that I loved) and then there was just the important things like holding a few months old baby ( no, not mine) and holding some bigger babies ( yes mine). Then suddenly it was time to head out to the island and I ended up lying around in the sun being very busy trying to not lift a finger. And there I was lying still, very still like the sea that looked like a mirror of beautiful soft blues of the sky and some cotton candy clouds scattered here and there but just barely. And I thought that that is exactly what my life was supposed to be about right then. Just now. 


I have this nagging feeling all the time that the summer is ending and the school year and the hobbies start. Usually I´m very eager to head on to Fall, I love Fall. But this year there are just too many open ended questions about it that I feel at loss. I love planning ahead and knowing where I´m headed and when the element of that stability is missing it makes me feel very restless. I´m also learning that I am not very good at dealing with disappointment when things don´t go as I had hoped or planned and it makes me feel anxious. Both the fact and the issue. So lying very still staring at the sea just feels like a very good place to be right now. I don´t know about you, but sometimes I feel very grown up and in charge and sometimes like everything in my life just happened but I´m still a child or at least a very young adult and not thinking about things makes them go away. Even throwing tantrums ( small scale and mostly just in my head) feels like a good way to handle things sometimes.

But instead I try to breath in and breath out. Looking at the birds gliding past, laughing as they go I wonder if they feel happy and free. Or perhaps they too are yearning for more. More time, more warmth, more moments that stand still. And I wonder how when nothing is wrong and your life is filled with love on top of love and you have made it your life´s purpose to hold on to the people you love and to cherish them then something so trivial can throw you in for a spin. 

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