Hi! Oh it´s been a while since I opened my computer! But now the kids are at camp and I decided to take a little break from organising our things and say hello. I hope your summer has had a wonderful start. Ours could not have been better, except if we had a little less unpacking and a little more island hanging. But I´m not complaining as putting our belongings where they belong is the best part of renovation and moving. If only I had a few things less. But they are all so lovely I can´t seem to be able to part with them either. 

Anyhow, I met up with the lovely Katarina of Nona K. at her new shop location at Kasarminkatu, a stone throw away from Esplanad park ( mostly her hand maid treasures now a days which is good because it is what I loved best about her previous store anyway) and she gave the girls the loveliest midsummer dress and skirt. Such perfection! You can find ready made ones in her store or you can order one in your kids size from her ( she makes them in like a day). I also ordered the prettiest yellow Liberty Betsy summer dress ( in next years size so we can use it for a few summers in a row) and am looking forward to seeing it on the girls when it´s ready. Here are the loveliest checkered items! A summer must have!








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Happy Monday!

by Sofia   -   in Blog collaboration  Shopping

I hope you had a lovely weekend. I must admit I was not at my best. My fuse was very short and I snapped at my family constantly. Luckily I am very good at apologising too and took myself out running in some fresh air to be less moody. I wish I was just always kind but every little thing seemed to irritate me. And I can´t blame it on the living from boxes and the struggle to keep things even half organised because a person can be nice and kind in any circumstance. But I can tell you that it is so lovely to actually get a home soon. Our things are coming to the apartment form the storage on Friday. Unfortunately because yet some delays the renovation is not finished by then so we can not move in yet. But at least I can start unpacking some rooms ( at least the girls´ bedrooms). So when we do move in then all the rooms are not filled with boxes. I had high hopes of spending Mother´s Day in the new house but it will be just as meaningful anywhere. Here are some things I might like for Mother´s Day if I did not already have them. I have wished for an Aerin Lilac path scented candle to have by my new bed. I have the perfume and it is so feminine and really makes you think of those early summer days when you walk by some lilacs and just inhale a long deep breath of that scent.



These Gauhar earrings are so gorgeous. The mother of pearl and gold just glow! These kind of earrings give you that extra little something. I´m saving mine a little for a special occasion. But it´s hard not to wear them. 



I love that hair accessories are back and better than ever. These clips hold even my long & thick hair. With little effort you can make it look like you actually put some in. 

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Tämä aivan ihana asu on Jacadilta ja se on ollut tämän syys-talvi malliston suosikkeja ja sitä käytetään pitkälle kevääseen ja yläosia varmasti myös kesällä! Rakastan asua koska se sopii tyylillisesti sekä äidin, että tyttären makuun ja osia on helppo yhdistellä jo olemassa oleviin vaatteisiin. Kaikki asun osat ovat nyt alessa – 30% ja www.jacadi.fi sivun kautta toimitetaan näppärästi Suomeen. Voi kuinka toivon, että ihmiset käyttäisivät tuota palvelua koska mm. Briteissa koko Jacadia ei enää ole lainkaan ja olisi kurjaa jos sen tilaaminen tänne loppuisi jossain vaiheessa.

Our favourite outfit from Jacadi this season is this gorgeous college shirt paired with corduroy pants and a scalloped edge t-shirt. All the products can be used separate too. The t-shirt goes with anything really but I can see it during summer with shorts or a skirt. A must sale buy at -30% because the same classic style will most likely be at the summer collection too. The sweatshirt will also be great with their white sweatpants or with leggings for a sporty look but would look cute even with a skirt. And during the summer with white or navy shorts! And the pants would look fabulous with a cardigan too or a button down shirt or blouse and mary jane´s for a party and as they are cute narrow from the cuff they would go well with their leather boots! Such a versatile outfit but I really love this style as a combo. It´s a great school outfit and fancy enough for a lunch on the town with granny. They could wear it for visiting friends and it´s comfy enough for helping around the house like Cotton Candy in these photos.






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